Office design, PNO Consultants
For PNO Consultants in Rijswijk we designed the entire ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor. The project management was done by Cerius. The assignment was to create a more homely atmosphere, to create new spaces for meetings and creative brainstorms. Creating a new office 2.0. The starting point was to make everything as sustainable as possible. This has been taken into account in the materials used and the choice of furniture. For example, with a view to sustainability, we decided to use existing walls and relocate them where necessary. The doors are covered with furniture foil, creating a completely new look. The materials we used for the custom build pantries, kitchen and coffee corner are 100% sustainable materials and produced as much as possible in the Netherlands or surrounding countries. In addition to sustainability, it was also important that we could deliver the project quickly. At the beginning of December we sat down with the team to discuss the design and at the end of March we were able to hand over the building to the end user. The entrance, which is shared with all the different tenants in the building, had to become an eye catcher. And that worked out very well, if we may say so ourselves!