Complete Office Design, HVEG Fashion Group
The HVEG Fashion Group – a group of globally operating fashion companies – recently moved into a new, sleek and industrially furnished office in Leusden. Your TailorMate was asked to design this new Head office. The building has been completely broken up and now offers space for two beautiful open-plan offices, a multifunctional restaurant, a nice coffee bar, state-of-the-art meeting rooms and three showrooms. In addition to sustainability, acoustics played an important role in the design. It has become a real office 2.0. More of a meeting place in a semi-homelike atmosphere than a classic office. For example, we created a restaurant at the heart of the business, which is designed in such a way that you can work well there, but also receive customers (in a slightly less formal setting than the meeting rooms). The coffee bar also offers space for a meeting or brainstorm and if you want to discuss something confidential with a colleague, you can visit the small house in the middle of the building. The design also provides for two large open spaces with multiple workplaces. The client wanted an office with excitement, where you meet in an open atmosphere, where you can talk to each other, in short, places that promote collaboration and creativity. In the preliminary discussion with YTM, the HVEG Fashion Group indicated that it wanted to opt for an industrial, sleek look. In addition, sustainability is very important to the company. We like to refuse with Marmoleum because of the beautiful matt look, the durable aspect and the versatility of colors. In addition, a large part of the furniture comes from De Vorm. They are made from recycled PET bottles. Because De Vorm is a Dutch design and is also made close by, we save twice on CO2 emissions. Other sustainable interventions: all traditional lighting has been replaced by LEDs with sensors, which saves a lot of energy and a nice detail: the colorful thread spools that adorn the entrance are discarded spools from our own clothing manufacturers. The floor in the entrance (Forbo Marmoleum Rosemary Green) creates a wow effect, unlike the standard gray colors. The green is also a nice soft counterpart to the glass and the anthracite elements in the stairs and window frames. The desired “green” atmosphere has therefore been sought in both color and sustainable material.